Regular school board meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month. They are held in the board room at District Office (12809 S. McVickers Ave).

You can send an email to the entire board at: d128board@palos128.org

Mrs. Kathy Lachowicz, Secretary

  • 30 year resident of Palos Heights
  • Single parent of 2002 alumni (Ashley)
  • Works at Shepard High School as a Para Professional
  • Board of Education member since 2000
  • President of homeowners association, 
  • Treasurer of League of Women Voters
  • Coordinator of spring craft show at Shepard
  • Past member of CHSD218 Foundation
Dr. Michael Lynch, President

Mrs. Mary Pat Touhy, VP

Dr. Richard Facko
  • Married to Cassie; Father of three children
  • Two in the district and a toddler at home
  • Resident of Palos Heights since 1986
  • Small business owner in Palos Heights
  • Board member since April 2017

Mrs. Amy Lyons
  • Married to Tom since 1997
  • Mom to 5 daughters
  • Moved to Palos Heights in 2004
  • Kids in District 128 since 2005, continuing through 2026
  • B.S. in the Teaching of English
  • M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction

Mr. William Grady
  • Resident of Palos Heights since 2005
  • Two boys in the District (7th and 5th grade)
  • Accounting degree with CPA

Mrs. Kristin Restivo
  • Resident of Palos Heights since 2008
  • Two children currently in district (3rd & 4th grade)
  • Serves on Early Childhood, Transportation, & Strategic Plan Committees
  • B.A. in Elementary Education
  • M.A. in Teaching & Leadership
  • Preschool teacher at Palos Heights Parks & Recreation
  • Board member since November 2016