NEW Student Registration

If you are new to Palos Heights School District 128, you will complete the NEW STUDENT REGISTRATION for the 2021 - 2022 school year. To get started on your NEW STUDENT registration, please CLICK HERE.

For additional information on our New Student registration, please click here.

After you complete the initial registration form (see image below) and have been approved by the District, SchoolInsight will send out a confirmation email to the email address(es) provided with information on how to log in and access your school's online registration form.


If you are registering students new to District 128, you must complete a 4-step process to fully register your child. Please refer to the steps below.

  1. Complete an online PRE-registration form (Click Here).
  2. Prepare documentation for in-person residency verification at the district office. Please contact the District Office for an appointment at 708-597-9040.
    1. Residency Documentation Requirements
      1. ONE of the following documents is required to register: Real Estate Tax Bill; Signed Lease; Mortgage Document/Payment Book; Military Housing Letter; Section 8 Letter
      2. TWO of the following possible documents with the current address listed is required to register: Gas Bill; Water/Sewer BIll; Phone Bill; Cable Bill; Vehicle Registration; Bank Statement; Public Aid Card; Medicaid Card; Food Stamp Card; Credit Card Statement; Paycheck Stub; City Sticker Receipt
    2. Additional Registration Document Requirements
      1. Valid Driver’s License with current address or State ID
      2. Student’s OFFICIAL Birth Certificate (copies not accepted).
  3. Once residency/registration documents are approved, finalize the online registration form.
  4. Pay registration fees with cash, check or credit card. Registration fee is $195.00 per child for the 2021-2022 School Year. Mid-year registration fees are pro-rated for the time period enrolled.


Indian Hill (Grade K) - Phone: 708-597-1285

Chippewa (Grades 1-3) - Phone: 708-388-7260

Navajo (Grades 4 & 5) - Phone: 708-385-3269

Independence Jr. High (Grades 6-8) - Phone: 708-448-0737

Palos Heights District Office - Phone: 708-597-9040